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Most moms and women say this phrase “this is me everday”. They’re most like referring to their attire and hair. Which could be yoga or sweat pants, Jean’s, tank top, t-shirt, hoodie, flip flops, or sneakers. Then the hair is in a pony tail, messy bun, or partially clipped back. You know what… there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. This photographer right here is one of those everyday moms. I’m (we’re) comfortable and should be. We could be running errands, changing diapers, it could be anything! But we’re at least comfortable and not ruining good clothes.

But you can’t tell me you don’t like to dress up and do your hair and makeup. Nothing too fancy of course. Your GOOD jeans, a simple blouse, put a little bend/curl in the hair, some mascara and lipstick. That is great too!! Guarantee you feel like a million bucks. You should!! That being said, remember to feel like a million bucks as your everyday.

Being your everyday is wonderful. Don’t feel bad about it. Love it and love you!

Hugs & Kisses from,

Your Everyday Photographer

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